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Action of Water scarcity

Building Community Resilience to Natural Disasters in Kenya

Downstream communities in the Ewaso Nyiro River of north eastern Kenya are extremely vulnerable to droughts and floods. We are working to help communities reduce their vulnerability and improve their livelihoods through an innovative approach combining sustainable ecosystem management, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

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World Water Forum 6

The 6th World Water Forum runs from 12 - 17 March in Marseille, France. This meeting brings organisations in the water sector together every three years and aims to identify, understand and seek solutions to some of the most urgent water issues, from the local to the global scale. Our aim is to get the importance of wetlands for water provision higher on the agenda’s of decision makers. We are also raising awareness of key water issues such as integrating wetlands into river basin management, the future of the Niger River in Mali, and the emerging issue of watergrabbing.

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Saving water for the Mujib Reserve, Jordan

Together with the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature (RSCN) we worked in Jordan to reduce the impact of the dam upstream on the Mujib reserve, involve the local population in agricultural activities to save water and preserve water quality, and make sure that the Mujib reserve water needs are fulfilled in water management plans and decisions of the government.

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Water for all in the Ichkeul Basin, Tunisia

By setting up a dialogue between the different demanders of water, we built a consensus that assured the access to water of all (farmers, dams, etc.) as well as preserves the wetlands and biodiversity of the Ichkeul Basin in Tunisia on the long term. This work was done with our local partner INAT, the Institut National Agronomique.

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Improving the water quality of the Sebou River, Morocco

The Sebou River in Morocco suffers from serious pollution problems. To successfully push for control of urban pollution, we developed a monitoring & evaluation system for surface water quality.

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