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Kranji Reservoir, Singapore

A Pilot Enhancement Wetland to Improve Water Quality Standard at Kranji Reservoir, Singapore

Action Description:

Wetlands International has been appointed as Wetland Specialists to the Client, Public Utilities Board Singapore and work closely with the Environmental Consultancy firm Enviro Pro and the Landscape Consultant Stephen Caffyn Landscape Design in this project.

A constructed wetland about 1000 m2 in area will be created on the West Bank of the Kranji Reservoir, next to the Pumping station Kranji 1. This is a pilot study to determine the efficiency of a constructed surface flow wetland system in treating surface runoff and other pollutant sources from the monsoon drain (nullah). It is envisaged that the wetland will help in improving the water quality before discharge into the reservoir. If proven to be successful, this pilot study will be expanded into large-scale wetlands for river water quality improvement in Singapore.

The wetland is designed primarily to function as sediment traps and to sequester nutrients and pollution, thereby maintaining water quality before discharge to the reservoir. In addition, the existing low-lying swampy wetland area will be modified to provide an aesthetically pleasing natural environment, which will cater as recreational area and provide viable habitat for wildlife. 

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