Sustainable dambo management in Malawi


Wetlands International contributes to lasting poverty reduction and improved resilience of wetland dependent communities to the expected climate change scenarios for Malawi, particularly Kasungu District. Local NGO the Malawi Enterprise Zone Association (Maleza) is our main partner.

Sustainable use of dambo wetlands

We promote sustainable use of wetlands - which are locally known as dambos - in Malawi. Dambos are permanently or seasonally wet land in valleys, depressions, or floodplains with open herbaceous vegetation, mainly grasses and sedges, and an absence of trees. They are an important source of water and nutrients necessary for biological diversity and often support livelihoods of a lot of rural communities in developing countries. Read more on dambos and the area of our work.

Innovative approach

In the dambo areas, we are promoting a proven but innovative approach: Functional Landscape Approach (FLA). It supports community structures to integrate environmental sustainability into community level management and biodiversity conservation. Read more on this approach…

Policy work

Furthermore, we try to influence and contribute to the implementation of the National Irrigation Policy and Development Strategy, the implementation of the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA), as well as other nongovernmental organisations’ policies, in order to better recognise the role of wetlands in poverty reduction and the links between poverty reduction and sustainable wetland use. Read more on our policy work…

Location of the Kasungo District, Malawi (click to enlarge)


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