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Nature Kenya and the National Museums of Kenya, Kenya Widlife service have been collaborating closely since the early 1990s to monitor the populations of water birds, particulary in the Rift Valley Lakes. Although this intiative is designed as a low cost activity (for example the counters volunteer their time) to ensure sustainability, there are some basic costs that have to be met. Just like other Key Biodiversity area, these lakes are udergoing a lot of environmental challenges due to pollution, rapid infrustrural developments, rapid urbanisation in the lakes’ basins, rapid conversion of forested lands to agricultral land, and climate change among others. We therefore need to monitor the lakes’ biodiversity - particulary birds – as indicators of enviromental stress. The national organisations are looking to strengthen the sustainability of the waterbird monitoring programme and potential supporting partners are welcomed. A detailed overview of the budgetary needs to ensure full coverage of the Rift Valley Lakes is provided in the attachment. Anyway interested in knowing more about the scheme or contributing to these counts can contact:

Paul Muoria (Nature Kenya): species @ naturekenya. org

John Musina (National Museums of kenya, IWC national coordinator) mhornbill @ yahoo. com

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