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Building community resilience by safeguarding and restoring wetlands

The one thing we all want for 2021 is to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthy wetlands are vital to supporting communities through the pandemic by building resilience. As people have lost their jobs and suffer ill-health, wetlands contribute food and fodder for continued livelihoods, and assure the availability of clean water for sanitation.  

Working to restore healthy wetlands also contributes to longer-term resilience by preventing the ecosystem breakdown that can trigger pandemics in the first place. Human activities like draining, logging and mining cause pandemics by bringing more people into contact and conflict with animals — 70% of emerging human diseases originate in this wayBiodiversity experts have warned that worse outbreaks are likely unless destruction of the natural world is halted. 


What we are doing:

  • Wetlands International is enabling conservation and restoration work to continue by adapting how we engage with and support communities in our programme areas across peatlands, mangroves and rivers and lakes.  
  •  We are helping poor and vulnerable wetland communities to be safe, for example with clean water and hygiene products, and to adapt to grow food and develop livelihoods, helping them survive and build their resilience to the pandemic and other shocks and stresses 
  •  We are doing all of this by working with governments and our local partners, combining resources and building on our strong relationships and global partner network. 

But to continue our work, we need your support. From helping displaced workers in India adapt back to rural surroundings and find new wetland livelihoods to training community fire brigades to continue to put out catastrophic fires in the Pantanal, Brazil, your donation will help us to continue the training, capacity building and support that communities need to survive through disaster and rebuild their lives. 


Read more about our work to support communities during COVID-19 and contribution to green recovery below.