27 Sep 2019
Wetlands International goes on Climate Strike!

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Event Date: 27/09/2019
Venue: Koekamp, Den Haag

Wetlands International’s global office will be on strike this Friday as the team joins the Dutch arm of the Global Climate Strike (20-27 September) in the Hague. 

The march aims to underline to the Dutch government that the current climate agreement falls short of the climate action needed and is not in accordance with the Urgenda ruling. Marchers will demand a “Dutch Green New Deal with fair and ambitious climate policy to tackle the climate crisis effectively”.

Wetlands International supports the growing movement in the Netherlands to push the Dutch government to raise climate ambition because without raised climate ambition – not just in the Netherlands but globally – the fate of wetlands is bleak. Wetlands are also a key solution to climate change, storing carbon, protecting coasts, providing food and shelter and habitats for wildlife. And, the healthier the wetland and richer biodiversity, the greater its carbon storage potential.

Warming up our slogans to cool down the earth


The Klimaat Staking is organised by a coalition of organisations and is part of the largest international climate mobilisation in history, the Global Climate Strike, 20-27 September. It builds on the youth school strikes which started almost a year ago.

Come and join us in the Hague!

Date and Location of the march

Meeting point and route: starting from Koekamp, five minutes walking distance from Den Haag CS. Details of the route can be found here.


Fridays for Future Nederland, Earth Strike Nederland, Code Rood, Fossielvrij NL, Teachers for Climate NL.

Supporting groups:

Wetlands International, Greenpeace Nederland, Milieudefensie, Oxfam Novib, De Goede Zaak, Jongeren Milieu Actief, JMA, Students for Climate NL, Extinction Rebellion NL, Youth for Climate NL, Solidaridad, WISE, SOMO, Urgenda, Veggiesquad, Varkens in Nood, Grootouders voor het Klimaat NL, WECF Nederland – Women Engage for a Common Future, GroenLinks, Partij voor de Dieren, DWARS and others.