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Our vision is a world where wetlands are treasured and nurtured for their beauty, the life they support and the resources they provide. Our mission is to inspire and mobilise society to safeguard and restore wetlands for people and nature.

Achieving impact

Our ambition is to upscale action to safeguard and restore wetlands, collaborating with multiple partners and mobilising a wide range of actors to transform whole landscapes and sectors. As part of a coalition, we can work on large-scale programmes to achieve ambitious targets to safeguard and restore wetlands, while encouraging participation by affected communities and local stakeholders. Our theory of change is illustrated below: 


Creating societal demand for wetland action. We bring attention to the critical issues facing wetlands and the levers for change. We do this through ecological assessments, predictive models, scenario development and trend analysis, and share these insights engaging both hearts and minds. We engage with partners and networks at local and global scales to inspire and influence public and private sector agendas, ultimately to address the drivers of wetland loss and degradation, and encourage participation in initiatives to safeguard and restore wetlands.


Enabling action and creating conditions for upscaling solutions. We mobilise action through dialogue, analysing different options for land and water management. In this way, we build coalitions of actors for implementing activities that reconcile different uses of wetland natural resources and integrate the values of healthy wetlands into the local economy. Then we work with governments and others to integrate our ideas into development plans. This is enhanced by establishing communities of practice to mainstream our ideas and provide a sound platform for scaling up solutions in future decision-making.


Increasing the scale of our impacts by enabling others to implement solutions. Upscaling involves replicating successful outcomes and combining forces with partners to head off damage and encourage positive change at scale. Through strategic alliances and multi-stakeholder partnerships, we gain attention from a wider range of actors to influence thinking and agendas, transform policies and attract finance. Through encouraging enabling policies and regulations alongside improved standards and behaviours of companies, we open up public and private-sector investment in wetland solutions across landscapes and in cities.

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For the full version of our strategic plan, please download our Strategic Intent, 2020-2030