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Supervisory Council

“ From some distance, I have known Wetlands International for a long time; as a well-respected and professional organization with a rather unique mission on the sustainability of wetlands. My passion is to safeguard nature for the sake of nature and for the wellbeing of its’ people. I can offer Wetlands International, my experience and networks in global civil society, my profound knowledge of the functioning of international network organizations and my expertise on (the transformation of) food systems and agriculture-nature issues. “

Adrie Papma had a long career as expert, director and governor of global civil society organizations promoting sustainable and inclusive development and fighting injustice and poverty. Recently she started her own support business. During the last 15 years, as a director of Oxfam Novib and of Oxfam International, she developed extensive experience in leading global civil society networks and alliances. In campaigns, advocacy, fundraising, programme and partner portfolio work as well as in operations.

She was (co-)lead of big global Oxfam campaigns on fair trade (The Fair Trade Campaign) and inclusive agrifood value chains (coffee, cacao, palm oil). Building and working in alliances was one of her specialties, such as with WWF, Greenpeace, Consumers International, women’s and farmers organisations. She facilitated various public-private partnerships and sometimes learned the hard way. Her last activity was moving the Oxfam Headquarters from Oxford to the global south, Nairobi.

She performs governance roles for civil society organisations, alliances and common programmes. At this moment she is the chair of the Food and Business Knowledge Platform of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of the Advisory Board Social Sciences Group Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and chair of the board of Zuid Hollands Landschap. In the past she performed global governance roles such as with IDH (Sustainable Trade Initiative), INTRAC and the World Social Forum.