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Senior Technical Officer, Coasts and Deltas

As Senior Technical Officer in the Coasts and Deltas team, my role is to develop and manage the implementation of large-scale projects in close collaboration with our partners and with the Wetlands International network.

I feel fortunate and honoured working for the conservation and restoration of wetlands and supporting local communities that strongly depend on them.

I was based in West Africa for over 16 years, from 2003 to 2019, managing international development projects in conservation finance, biodiversity conservation, ecotourism, artisanal fisheries and health and education. I have spent long periods in the field, collaborating closely with local communities, NGOs and park authorities, in Banc d’Arguin and Diawling National Parks and in the Cap Blanc Monk Seal Reserve.

During my last 4 years in Mauritania, I worked with the German cooperation as technical advisor to the Executive Director of BACoMaB Conservation Trust Fund, supporting organisational development, programme management, fundraising and communication. BACoMaB provides sustainable funding for coastal and marine biodiversity conservation by means of annual grants to national parks and civil society organisations.

Back in Europe, as a freelance consultant, I developed project proposals for international donors in the fields of conservation finance and the blue economy in Latin America and Africa, joining Wetlands International in April 2023.

The beauty, aliveness, harmony and peacefulness of nature are a constant source of inspiration for me.