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Member Supervisory Council (Treasurer)

Supervisory Council

“Wetlands International is a wonderful organization, which in its own way, with a lot of passion and dedication, is committed to the conservation of wetlands around the world. You feel and see that. And there is a lot of knowledge, work and money needed.”

“Through my drive to encourage other people to live their passion and my knowledge and experience in finance and performance management, I wish to make a contribution to Wetlands International. A great organization with much commitment and dedication for what they do. An organization of professionals with a heart for wetlands, an organization that I want to commit myself to.”

Angelique Groesz has over 25 years of experience as a chartered accountant, financial director and consultant with national and international organizations. She currently works as an interim finance manager for various organizations. Her priority is to optimize management control in organizations, so that the proposed strategy can be realized. With her broad knowledge of finance and her business background, she is a good addition to the Supervisory Council of the Foundation and as Treasurer of the Board of the Association.