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Senior Technical Officer Climate Smart Land Use

Global Office

I am working on a wide array of subjects related to the Peatland Stream, covering technical follow-up aspects e.g. working with the palm oil and pulp and paper industry on conservation, restoration and rewetting of peatlands and peatswamp forests- as well as follow-up on global initiatives and representing Wetlands International in the international fora. At the heart of my work, however, lays the task of supporting and further developing climate-smart land use options for peatlands.

I come from a background of long and short term consultancies for the private and public sector. All of these are in the field of natural resources management, land use planning and sustainable forestry, with the last decade a shift to climate change, in particular the mitigation aspects. I have been involved in REDD+ programmes in Vietnam and Papua New Guinea. Together with my education in Physical Geography, touching on subjects on soil science, land evaluation, environmental impact assessment and GIS, I am eager to contribute to the objectives of wetlands in general, and peatlands in particular.