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“INBO carries out scientific research to improve biodiversity and its sustainable use, but also investigates the socio-economical aspects and the ecosystem services. Such efforts have only their use if this work is carried out on an international scale, e.g. within the framework of the EU Directives. But being an NGO, Wetlands International can play an important role to push this process further. We hope that Wetlands International will continue to carry out programmes in Europe. We very much support the waterbird counts project and the population estimates reports, since this kind of information is of great importance to us to compare the situation in Flanders and Belgium within Europe and apply the 1% criteria for the Ramsar sites e.g.”

Member delegates

Catherine DEBRUYNE
[email protected]
+32 81 33 58 04

Service public de Wallonie
Direction de la Politique environnementale
Département des Politiques européennes et des accords internationaux
Direction générale de l’Agriculture, des Ressources naturelles et de l’Environnement
Avenue Prince de Liège 15
5100 Jambes

Dr. Janine van Vessem
Head of international reporting and strategic coordination of externally requested research
[email protected]
+32 473917712

Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO)
Government of Flanders
Herman Teirlinck building
Havenlaan 88, postal box 73
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium.