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Director of Program Impact

Global Management Team

Femke oversees and guides the major programmes of Wetlands International to meet the goals set out in the Strategic Intent (2020-2030), building on the strong knowledge-base and organizational track record. She is a key member of the Global Management Team of Wetlands International. 

Femke has a PhD in Physical Geography and gained technical expertise in various roles. Over the years she grew into a successful program manager, winning a World Restoration Flagship Award for the Building with Nature Indonesia initiative together with a multidisciplinary public-private partnership. After designing and mobilising a fruitful global programme on wetland carbon as Programme Head, she is now ready to take on this new role. With 23 years of experience of which 12 with Wetlands International, Femke is not only driven but also demonstrably capable of translating bold visions into real impact on the ground. Femke is driven to connect science, policy and practice to create a world in which nature and people exist in harmony.