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Member Supervisory Council

I am a highly experienced climate change and development specialist, with more than 23 years experience working on climate change and implications for the poorest and most vulnerable. I started her career working on wetlands and water resources more broadly with Wetlands International and WWF in Malaysia. I since spent 20 years working for the UK government in International Development and spent considerable time overseas in China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and countries across Africa.  I have worked with NGOs, local communities, governments and a range of organisations from the World Bank to small private sector firms. I have focused on policies, legislation and the support of local solutions to climate change.

Water has been at the heart of my work, with the impacts of climate change being felt through water.  I believe passionately in the need to ensure local people are at the heart of sustainable management of this precious resources.

I live in Ireland, near the sea, and am married with 2 children. In my free time I love to run, cycle, walk and swim in the sea.