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Mahboubeh Tohidi

African-Eurasian Waterbird Census - Western and Central Asia

The waterbird census in Iran is organised by the Wildlife Bureau, Department of Environment, with Ms. Mahboubeh Tohidi assuming the role of National Coordinator from 2018.

“Iran has conducted the waterbird census in January since 1967. My contribution to the IWC began in 1990 when I started working in the Ornithology Unit of Wildlife Bureau, the Department of Environment of Iran as a young biologist and expert. Then after many years, I became National Coordinator of IWC in Iran in 2001 when I got the position of Senior Ornithologist in the same Bureau. The Waterbird Census program is being carried out in 30 provinces of country under my supervision and more than 300 sites are covered each year. More than 50 bird counters collaborate in the counts, and several capacity building programs and training workshops have been implemented to promote the quality of waterbird census in the country. I currently work in the in the position of Deputy to the General Director of Wildlife Bureau.”

Hamid Amini, National Coordinator of the IWC in Iran 1990 – 2017.