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Dr. Jan Veen is a biologist by profession and his PhD thesis in 1977 from the Groningen University was titled Functional and casual aspects of nest distribution in colonies of the sandwich tern (Sterna s. sandvicensis). He is fluent in 4 languages namely, English, Dutch, French and German.

He has held several positions to date, including as a Senior Scientist at Groningen University and as a Department Head at the Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (at present ALTERRA). His research was focused on animal behaviour (the biological significance of colony breeding behaviour of gulls and terns and vocal communication of the same bird taxa) and ecology (food and feeding habits of a variety of coastal waterbird species).

1973 – 1987: (Senior) scientist at the Department of Behavioural Ecology of Groningen University. Research into vocal and visual communication in gulls and terns. Advice on waterbird population management and wetland habitat protection.

1987 – 2000: Head of the Department of Animal Ecology (40 staff) and Scientific Programme Leader at the Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (IBN). Co-ordination and leadership of a variety of research programmes on animal ecology (birds, mammals, amphibia, reptiles and insects) and habitat protection (focus on wetland management, but also forest grazing).

Presently Director of VEDA Consultancy, a bureau specialised in research, advice and training in ecology and geography. As such he is involved in wetland management projects of Wetlands International in Russia and West Africa.

Jan Veen is experienced in research, training, project management and development. He has also published or co-written many books and publications.

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