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Chief Operations Officer

Global Office

In 2012 I joined the Wetlands International team as the Chief Operations Officer. I oversee the operations of the organisation, including finance, organisational development and human resources. My goal is to see this organisation grow to its full potential.

Prior to joining Wetlands International, I worked in Tanzania for Sibusiso Foundation as Director of a rehabilitation centre for mentally disabled children.  I also worked for Doctors without Borders in more than 15 countries across Africa, and Central and South Asia. Starting as logistician and Water and Sanitation officer, I became country coordinator in the field and later Operational Director in Amsterdam.

I hold a degree in Industrial Technology Engineering from the Hogeshcool of Utrecht and another in Public Health from John Hopkins University.

Wetlands are key to addressing current global issues like water, food and climate. Working at Wetlands International offers me a unique opportunity to contribute to a world where everybody can benefit from natural resources.