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Interim Director - Panama

Mayllely Cabrera has more than 15 years of experience in protected areas and project management for sustainable development. Her studies are oriented to the management of natural resources, project management and integrated coastal management, she is currently studying a master’s degree in agribusiness. She has worked in the private and non-governmental sector with a focus on sustainable development projects with social, environmental and agricultural impact, conservation and management of protected areas, and management of environmental information. She has collaborated in studies on territorial conservation planning, livelihoods of coastal populations, and capacity building of rural organizations. Recently, on the subject of adaptation to Climate Change, with a comprehensive vision, she has collaborated in initiatives to improve coastal wetland ecosystems and build resilience in local communities. In project management, she has worked with community-based and non-governmental organizations on projects to obtain financing, she has promoted alliances, achieving the signing of cooperation agreements. She collaborates and leads multidisciplinary teams in the development and monitoring of international and national cooperation projects.