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Pablo Yorio completed his Doctorate in Biological Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. He has a research position at the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) and is currently acting as Technical Advisor for the Wildlife Conservation Society Argentina Program. He is also Professor at the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia. Since 1984 he has been working on the ecology and conservation of Patagonian seabirds, and has participated in several projects related to other coastal birds and waterbirds in freshwater environments. He has written over one hundred scientific articles, book chapters, and technical reports on issues related to seabird ecology and the conservation of coastal and marine environments. He has directed or is directing several doctorate and undergraduate theses. He has acted as consultant in topics related to coastal and marine conservation for several national and international organizations.

Contact details
Centro Nacional Patagónico,
Blvd. Brown 2915,
(9120) Puerto Madryn,
Chubut, Argentina
Phone: 0280 4451-375/024;
Fax: 0280 445 1-543;
Mobile: 0280-154606872
Email: [email protected]