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Urban Resilience Coordinator

Global Office Skype: sandercarpay

Sander Carpaij holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor’s degree of Journalism from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Accumulated working experience in Colombia related to development cooperation, natural resource management and communities in the Colombian Pacific region with the Environmental Research Institute of the Pacific (IIAP) and the Netherlands Embassy. He has worked for 5 years on the global communications and advocacy team of Wetlands International, as well as at its offices in Dakar, Senegal and Bogor, Indonesia.

From 2013, he led the regional communications team in Latin America and the Caribbean with projects in Panamá, Nicaragua and Guatemala, as well as regional policy work. He initiated the Building with Nature campaign in Panamá. As the Urban Resilience Manager he coordinated the Panama Dutch Water Dialogues to resolve urban flood risks in Panama City with the municipal administration, Dutch Embassy and water experts, stakeholders from communities, private sector and governmental entities. Speaks fluent Spanish and solid French.

As Urban Resilience Coordinator, Sander is developing a global programme under the Building with Nature – Coasts & Deltas work of Wetlands International by supporting fundraising efforts, building capacity in the offices, forging new partnerships and doing outreach at international fora.