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Simon Delany worked for 13 years at Wetlands International headquarters in the roles of Technnical Officer and Senior Technical Officer – Waterbird Conservation. He has published over 150 reports, papers, and books and has written a further 50 popular articles and newsletters. He was the main editor of the prize-winning Atlas of Wader Populations in Africa and Western Eurasia (2009) and of the third and fourth Editions of the global Waterbird Population Estimates (2002 and 2006). He now runs an Environmental Consultancy specialising in waterbird conservation and research, biodiversity assessment and reporting, and broader biodiversity and wetland conservation issues.

Simon holds an honours Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Southampton University and previously held ornithological positions at BirdWatch Ireland, The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust and the British Antarctic Survey. He lives with his family close to the Rhine floodplain near Wageningen.

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The Netherlands
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