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Associate Experts

Tatiana Minayeva, starting as a researcher in Russia, continued working for nature conservation and sustainable land use planning in several institutions of the Russian Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment, among others involved in cooperation with CAFF and Ramsar Convention.

Since 1997 Tatiana cooperates with Wetlands International with focus on peatlands and Arctic wetlands. She applied her expertise in Russian and Canadian Northern territories, Eastern Europe and Russia’s Far East and West Siberia. She was involved in peatland inventories in Mongolia and China, Nile Basin countries in Africa. Tatiana is a member of International Mire Conservation Group, International Peatland Society, Society for Ecological Restoration and supports many other networks.

Tatiana got her Master in biology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and holds PhD in Botany from the Russian Academy of Sciences. Her research was about peatland plants ecology.