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Project Assistant

Global Office

As a Project Assistant I work collaboratively with the Programme and Project Managers on specific projects and partnerships. In this role, I support with the contracting, financial reporting to donor and/or partners and delivering tasks delegated ensuring that the projects are moving forward on time and on budget.

I hold a degree in Geography and Planning from University of Minho and a MSc in Geo-Information and Land Modelling from Lisbon University, in Portugal. Before I joined Wetlands International, I had worked as a Project Manager at the World Fair Trade Organisation where I supported the implementation of projects which assist WFTO’ members in complying with Fair Trade practices. Previously I worked as a Geographic Information System Consultant.

Geography gave me the tools to understand how natural phenomena, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and the water cycle work, and the interrelations between human and environment. Being part of Wetlands International’s team gives me a unique opportunity to work with stakeholders in addressing global threads and protecting and restoring wetlands across the World.