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Member Supervisory Council

Born in Niger (West Africa), started my career as a forester, having earned university degrees in Agriculture, Forestry, Wildlife Management, and Watershed Management. I have been deeply involved in working on Wetland Conservation & Sustainable Use,  Biodiversity, Climate Change issues, and Water Resources Management at the national level (Former Director of Wildlife and Fisheries in Niger), at the regional level (Regional Coordinator for IUCN in West Africa) and global level (Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands).  As a wetland manager, my greatest interest is the conservation of healthy wetlands and the restoration/remediation of degraded/contaminated wetlands to achieve sustainable use of wetland values and ensure the protection of human health.

I will be happy to collaborate with the Chair and other members of the Supervisory Council to support the mission, strategy and programs of Wetlands International