Announcement to build Guinea dam bypasses regional collaborative process

In the middle of June, a Chinese company and the government of Guinea announced that the Chinese company is going to build the Fomi dam […]


Experts draw attention to a successful method of mangrove regeneration on International Mangrove Day

Today, on the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem, conservation organisations and mangrove specialists worldwide highlight the multifunctional multiple benefits of the […]


Farmers’ Perspectives on Water, Land and Cattail Crops

The soil of extensive Dutch peatlands in the western and northern parts of the country is subsiding because of drainage. This leads not only to […]


Migratory Birds for People Newsletter (June 2017)


Annual Review and Accounts 2016

In 2016, with the help of our supporters we: conducted waterbird counts in more places than ever before and 14 new countries participated; improved Nigerian […]


Reflections from Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction: “We need to use nature smarter than we have in the past”

Are ecosystem based solutions to reducing risk gaining ground? And what can be done to bring these solutions from small pilots to scale and integrated […]


Landscape scale Disaster Risk Reduction: Keeping the water in the landscape, Uganda

In the not so distant past, the people of Rwambu, Uganda faced shortages of water, crop failures and waterborne diseases. This was largely created by […]


Landscape scale Disaster Risk Reduction: Urban Water Dialogues, Panama City

The Juan Díaz sub-district of Panama City has become the most flood-prone area of Panama due to urban developments and landfills in the floodplains, riverbeds […]


Landscape scale Disaster Risk Reduction: Wetland restoration to reduce risks, India

The Mahanadi delta and Kosi-Gandak floodplains in India are home to millions of farmers and fishers who used to benefit from the dynamic and nutrient […]


Landscape scale Disaster Risk Reduction: Water trade-offs to reduce drought in the Tana Delta

The Tana Delta is at the far downstream end of the Tana River Basin which provides eighty percent of Nairobi’s drinking water. Fifty-sixty percent of […]