Lagoon Llancanelo – the shady Tamarind tree threatens waterbirds

In the past Lagoon Llancanelo, in the Mendoza province of western Argentina, was home to the Huarpe Indians. Huarpe means ‘sandy ground’ or ‘desert country’, […]


The Common Pochard – becoming less common

Did you know the German name for Common Pochard is ‘Tafelente’, which means duck as game? It stresses the fact that, at least in Germany, […]


Building with Nature to stop erosion in Java nominated for Dutch engineering prize

Our ‘Building with Nature project to stop coastal erosion in North Java’ is nominated for the Dutch annual prize called ‘De Vernufteling’, which is awarded […]


Counting waterbirds in Oman #IWC50

Barr al Hikman is one of the most important sites for waterbirds migrating through the Middle East. As part of our IWC50 campaign, our colleague […]


Building with Nature in Northern Java, taking it step by step

“She must be really good at writing” the villagers are whispering behind my back. I am sitting on a small bamboo platform, used for fishing, […]


Message from our CEO on World Wetlands Day 2016

The precipitous loss of wetlands and freshwater biodiversity over the last decades has been widely reported – and alongside this, many organisations, including Wetlands International, […]


Are these trends on your horizon yet?

How to stay posted about the emerging trends for ecosystems and biological diversity that are currently on the margins of mainstream discussion? A group of […]


Reducing human impacts to benefit the magnificent Shoebill

The prehistoric looking Shoebill has, for a bird, exceptionally large feet: the middle toe reaches 17 to 18,5 cm. These feet assist the bird to […]


A day in the salt plains! #IWC50

This past Saturday we counted 70,000 roosting birds along the shoreline of Bar Al Hikman, and another 120,000 on the sebkha (the Arabic word for […]


Partnering for Sustainable Business

Companies impact wetlands, but they also have the power to trigger positive change on a scale that Wetlands International can never reach alone. This brochure outlines […]