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Protecting Mangroves Through Village Regulation

Residents of Wedung Village in Demak District now feel more confident about conserving mangroves in their community due to the adoption of a village regulation […]


Improved Standard of Living Due to Environmentally Friendly Aquaculture

Abdul Ghofur, an aquaculture farmer in Tambakbulusan Village in Demak District, feels that there have been many positive changes in his economic and family life […]


The Key Role of Women in Environmental and Mangrove Conservation

Prioritising the role of women in preserving the coastal and mangrove environments creates opportunities for accelerating sustainable development. This is shown through the experience of […]


Becoming a Leader Through Learning About Mangroves

Indah Purwanti, a female aquaculture farmer from Purworejo Village in Demak District, never thought that learning about environmentally friendly aquaculture and mangrove conservation from the […]


Wetlands and nature take centre stage at Glasgow climate talks

Growing realisation that without enabling nature to recover, including wetlands, there is no 1.5C future COP26 was very much the Nature COP   With nature and water firmly in the COP26 agenda, nature’s […]


Momentum gained at COP26 must ensure the future of wetlands

As the UNFCCC climate conference ends, we have seen the profile of wetlands raised more than ever before, not only as the best carbon sink but as a resilience-builder against the droughts, storms […]


Breaking down the barriers for accelerating action across sectors on Nature-based solutions

Ecosystems are our first natural line of defence against floods, storm surges, soil erosion, droughts and other hazards. Nature-based Solutions are ways to actively protect, […]


At COP26, where are the wetlands?

As the world watches delegates arrive at the UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow to prove their commitment to the Paris Agreement and keep global temperatures below […]


Adaptation Futures: Nature-based solutions for adaptation: breaking down the barriers for accelerating action across sectors

This session, led by Wetlands International, UNEP-WCMC and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia, will highlight opportunities, challenges and recommendations related to […]