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Peatlands – Resilient Communities

By 2030, we aim to enable community-based conservation and restoration of 10 million hectares of peatlands. To enable communities living in and around peatlands to […]


Coasts and Deltas – Reduced Climate Risks

By 2030, we aim to mainstream Building with Nature and promote blue carbon solutions, influencing €10 billion of investments in coastal infrastructure solutions. In degraded […]


Rivers and Lakes – Reduced Climate Risks

By 2030, we aim that €500 million is committed to enable nature-based solutions in freshwater wetlands, for climate mitigation and adaptation. Climate change impacts in […]

Case study

Restoring the abundance of Senegal’s Ndiael Special Reserve for people and nature

The Ndiael Reserve in Senegal is an oasis of desert wetlands that is internationally recognised for its outstanding nature. Like the birds and the fish […]

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From the Arctic to Africa: Protecting Waterbirds and Wetlands

Migratory birds do not mind political boundaries, but they often suffer from lack of international cooperation as they depend on local wetlands in different countries […]

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Creating climate resilient wetlands for waterbirds and communities across the African-Eurasian flyway

The Climate Resilient Flyways project is about working at a landscape-level to benefit the local people and the birds that migrate across continents but still rely on sites within those landscapes.

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Conserving and restoring Brunei’s rich biodiversity

The country of Brunei Darussalam is a green gem on the rapidly deforesting island of Borneo. Much of Brunei is still covered in Asian lowland […]


Policy Analysis of PP 71/2014

This policy analysis of the Government Regulation 71/2014 on the Protection and Management of Peat Ecosystems shows the gaps in the current regulation and presents […]

Case study

Climate-proof disaster risk reduction and Bio-rights for Indigenous communities in Guatemala

Natural disasters, droughts and heavy rainfalls, make Guatemalan communities vulnerable to their natural environment. In five departments in Guatemala we work with communities to reduce […]