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Firewood efficient cooking stoves reduce deforestation and improve health in Guatemala

New firewood efficient cooking stoves for 60 families in the Xatinap V village in Guatemala help to reduce deforestation by 8 hectares per year, plus […]


Blue Challenges, Green Opportunities: Wetlands Matter!

The Hague, The Netherlands – With the societal and environmental costs of wetland degradation already huge and growing fast, Wetlands International brought over 100 current […]


The secret to Africa’s drylands is the wetlands? What prospects for future food security?

When you think of the Sahel in Africa, what picture does it conjure up? Dry sandy areas with scattered trees and perhaps hungry-looking children looking […]


Downstream Voices

In his new book “Downstream Voices” commissioned  by Wetlands International, Fred Pearce takes you along his journey to three large river basins in India, Mali and Senegal where Wetlands […]


Position paper: Accounting for peatland hotspots in the new climate agreement

This position paper gives insight in why peatlands should be treated as hotspots for climate change mitigation in the negotiations for a new climate agreement, […]


European Commission climate plans could spell disaster for wetlands

Brussels – The European Commission’s proposal for a climate and energy package for the period between 2020 and 2030 may throw the door wide open […]


Towards climate-responsible peatlands management

The aim of this guidebook is to support the reduction of GHG emissions from managed peatlands and present guidance for responsible management practices that can maintain […]


Dead planet, living planet: Biodiversity and ecosystem restoration for sustainable development

This UNEP publication features many case examples of the work of Wetlands International. Editor Ritesh Kumar collected showcases from Wetlands International from all around the […]


Managing Mali’s Wetland Wealth for People and Nature

Wetlands International has been in Mali since 1998. As we near the end of a second decade in the country, we want to highlight and […]