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Factsheet Wetlands and Climate Change Adaptation

Overview of our activities on climate change adaptation. Wetlands International has a long standing history in investigating the role of wetlands in relation to water […]


Firefighting in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

This video describes the work of local community-based firefighters who through their dangerous work prevent peat fires that have international consequences. The fire brigades are […]


Adapting to Climate Change in the Himalayas: Jhelum Basin experiences

This film tells the story of the Jhelum Basin experiences in adapting to climate change in the Himalayas. It was made by Wetlands International South […]


Bio-rights in Theory and Practice

Bio-rights is an innovative financing mechanism for reconciling poverty alleviation and environmental conservation. By providing micro-credits for sustainable development, the approach enables local communities to […]


Peatlands in National Inventory Submissions 2009

An analysis of the National Inventory Submissions of European countries with respect to GHG emissions from peatlands/organic soils with identification of gaps and proposals for […]


Palm oil production, peatland loss and CO2 emissions

This video shows how palm oil is threatening Southeast Asia’s tropical peatlands. Due to drainage of the swamps, the peat oxidates and releases huge amounts […]


Advice to the UNFCCC Contracting Parties (COP 14, 2008)

Policy brief and factsheet about peatland emissions. This brief was used by the team of Wetlands International attending COP 14 in Poznan, Poland (December 2008). The […]


Including peatlands in post-2012 Climate Agreements

A report on the policy options to include peatlands in UN-climate policies. Produced as input for Wetlands International’s policy activities during the UNFCCC climate summit […]


Restoring the peatswamp forests of Indonesia

Film of Wetlands International on peatland loss, CO2 emission, and how to restore the degraded wastelands. This film shows our restoration work in Kalimantan (Borneo), […]