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Building with nature for coastal resilience

This leaflet explains the concept of hybrid engineering as it relates to mangrove coasts. It provides a rationale for moving away from over-reliance on hard […]


Mali Akka forest restoration story

One of the greatest successes in the field of ecosystem restoration is the Akka-Goun forest in Mali. This ecosystem which had been totally destroyed by […]


Defining Eco-Morphodynamic Requirements for Rehabilitating Eroding Mangrove-Mud Coasts

This paper present an eco-morphodynamic analysis on causes of erosion along degraded mangrove-mud coasts, and the causes of failure to rehabilitate these coasts. The analyses are based […]


Integrating ecosystems in resilience practice: Criteria for Ecosystem-Smart Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

The integration of ecosystems and natural resource management in disaster risk reduction (DRR) has been largely overlooked to date. This document introduces a set of […]


Putting community resilience into practice

At the halfway point in implementation of the Partners for Resilience programme (PfR), a wealth of initial successes and lessons learnt have been identified. Based […]


Atlas du Bassin du Niger / Niger Basin Atlas

This Atlas of the Niger River Basin, published with the technical support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), is intended to better know the importance […]


Climate change and Wetlands leaflet

Leaflet of 2 pages, explaining the relevance of wetlands for climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Working together on disasters, climate, ecosystems

Natural and man-made disasters have been increasing exponentially over the past few decades. Climate change contributes both to extreme weather and the degradation and loss of ecosystems, intensifying […]


Mangroves for Coastal Resilience

Wetlands International champions and enables the adequate management, restoration and sustainable use of mangrove forests. In this brochure we highlight our approaches and activities to increase coastal […]