Pilot project for Sustainable Coastal management in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s coastal and marine biodiversity faces many threats ranging from habitat destruction, climate change (coastal erosion, flooding and droughts), hunting, collection of sea turtle […]


Adapting to Climate Change: mangrove forests for coastal restoration

A new film by Wetlands International in which we explain and demonstrate how conservation and restoration of wetlands can be a cost-effective strategy for climate […]


Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People

On 8 November 2007 the People’s Government of Shaoxing City hosted a symposium, organised by Wetlands International, entitled ‘Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People’. The opening sessions […]


Green Coast poster


Mangrove booklet Thailand

This pubication describes in a short and simple way the main ecological characteristics of  mangroves in Thailand.


Green Coast Project (video)

Images of the destruction to people and nature after the tsunami. How to recover livelihoods and rehabilitate coastal nature? Through the Green Coasts approach, led […]


The Niger, a lifeline

An extensive study on the impact of existing and planned dams in the Upper Niger. Impacts such as irrigation, hydropower generation but also loss of […]

Partners for Wise Use of Wetlands – Agreement between DGIS and Wetlands International