Call for strongly featuring global warming in the Sustainable Development Goals

In this letter hundreds of civil society organisations, including Wetlands International, urge the Co-Chairs and Member States of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Framework process to […]


Where was the role of the environment at the Regional Platform for DRR in the Americas?

The Panamanian delegation and Wetlands International call for ecosystem conservation in Disaster Risk Reduction. The Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Americas […]


Focus on wetlands at the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk of the Americas

Wetlands should be better managed and restored for their ability to reduce disaster risk, says Wetlands International. To stimulate this, the post-2015 framework for Disaster […]


IPCC emphasises global warming risks and role ecosystem based adaptation

Wetlands International, CARE Nederland, Cordaid, the Netherlands Red Cross, and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, said today they were deeply concerned about the […]


The secret to Africa’s drylands is the wetlands? What prospects for future food security?

When you think of the Sahel in Africa, what picture does it conjure up? Dry sandy areas with scattered trees and perhaps hungry-looking children looking […]


Downstream Voices

In his new book “Downstream Voices” commissioned  by Wetlands International, Fred Pearce takes you along his journey to three large river basins in India, Mali and Senegal where Wetlands […]


Managing Mali’s Wetland Wealth for People and Nature

Wetlands International has been in Mali since 1998. As we near the end of a second decade in the country, we want to highlight and […]


Dune stabilisation in the Mali inner delta

The Sobé village located in Deboye Rural District, just like the northern part of the Mali inner delta, is threatened by drought, particularly the silting […]


How to adapt to climate change in the Mali Inner Niger Delta

Wetlands International is working to alleviate the climate change impacts on communities in the Inner Niger Delta region of Mali. In the context of our […]


Theater for Inner Delta

Wetlands International Mali produced a theatre play with popular comedians to raise awareness about sustainable management of resources in the Inner Niger River Delta, particularly […]