Strategic Intent 2011-2020

The Strategic Intent 2011-2020 is the ten year outlook for our organisation and the overarching strategy for the organisation worldwide. It reflects the new challenges for wetland […]


Maintaining wetlands as fresh water stocks in the Sahelian zone in the Inner Niger Delta of Mali

This document was contributed to the Nairobi Work Programme of the UNFCCC secretariat.  It builds on a quarter century of work by Wetlands International related […]


Policy brief for the Convention on Biological Diversity 2010: Key Recommendations for CBD 2020 Targets

The meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2010 (COP 10) has put the biodiversity target for 2020 on the agenda. These targets in […]


Recommendations for CBD post-2010 strategic targets

Wetlands International gives two recommendations for the CBD post-2010 strategic targets. New, stand alone target on water Proposed revision of draft CBD target 14


Joint NGO – Position paper on CBD COP regarding Inland Waters

Ahead of the upcoming tenth Conference of Parties (CoP10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Wetlands International, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy  and WWF […]


Submission to the Programme of Work on the Biological Diversity of Inland Water Ecosystems

This submission to the CBD technical meeting in May 2010 in Nairobi (SBSTTA) contains Wetlands International’s suggestions on the Indepth Programme of Work on Inland […]


Cost-effectiveness of wetlands for climate change adaptation

This paper highlights the role of specific wetlands for climate change adaptation. It wass made for the meeting of the UN-FCCC ‘Nairobi Working Programme’ on […]


Capacity building and policy dialogues on: Community- and Ecosystem-based Climate Change adaptation

Survey flyer for Barcelona Climate Talks. Wetlands International invites climate change professionals from non-Annex I countries to participate in our 2010 capacity building programme and […]


Will the Inner Niger Delta shrivel up due to climate change and water use upstream?

When the climate will change in the Sahel, this will have an impact on the flooding of the Inner Niger Delta and, therefore, also on its […]

Factsheet Wetlands and Climate Change Adaptation

Overview of our activities on climate change adaptation. Wetlands International has a long standing history in investigating the role of wetlands in relation to water […]