Capacity building and policy dialogues on: Community- and Ecosystem-based Climate Change adaptation

Survey flyer for Barcelona Climate Talks. Wetlands International invites climate change professionals from non-Annex I countries to participate in our 2010 capacity building programme and […]


Will the Inner Niger Delta shrivel up due to climate change and water use upstream?

When the climate will change in the Sahel, this will have an impact on the flooding of the Inner Niger Delta and, therefore, also on its […]

Factsheet Wetlands and Climate Change Adaptation

Overview of our activities on climate change adaptation. Wetlands International has a long standing history in investigating the role of wetlands in relation to water […]


Biorights in Theory and Practice

Bio-rights is an innovative financing mechanism for reconciling poverty alleviation and environmental conservation. By providing micro-credits for sustainable development, the approach enables local communities to […]


Better use of water of the Inner Niger Delta in a changing climate

This video shows images from the Inner Niger Delta in Mali, Africa and interviews with local farmers and fishermen andwomen on how the water of […]


Wetlands and Livelihoods Working Group


Factsheet Wetlands and Poverty Reduction Project

Many of the poor rely on wetlands for food, water, construction materials and similar necessities. Wetlands also act as transport corridors and provide protection against […]


Brochure on Wetlands And Poverty Reduction Project


WI Policy Brief World Water Forum 2006

This brochure is especially developed for distribution at major events like the Convention on Biodiversity in Brasil and the World Water Forum in Mexico this […]


The Niger, a lifeline

An extensive study on the impact of existing and planned dams in the Upper Niger. Impacts such as irrigation, hydropower generation but also loss of […]