Strategic Intent 2011-2020

The Strategic Intent 2011-2020 is the ten year outlook for our organisation and the overarching strategy for the organisation worldwide. It reflects the new challenges for wetland […]


Poster: Palm oil and Peat

This poster illustrates the different options available to palm oil producers when considering the future of their plantations.


Policy brief on climate issues for CBD COP 10

With this brief, delegates at CBD are asked to decide on actions to address climate change emissions due to ecosystem loss and by making sure […]


Q&A on AFOLU, ‘wetland management’ and the road to land-based accounting

Better management of terrestrial carbon stores (reservoirs) and fluxes (emissions and removals) can make a substantial contribution to reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. This Question & Answer […]


Joint NGO Submission to CBD SBSTTA on forest, climate and biofuels programmes of work

Pro Natura (Friends of the Earth Switzerland), Wetlands International, Humane Society International and The Wilderness Society are working together in order to strengthen and safeguard biodiversity aspects […]


Are emission reductions from peatlands MRV-able?

Globally very significant GHG benefits can accrue by avoiding peatland degradation and by actively restoring peatlands. This report, produced for the UNFCCC Climate Change Talks in Bonn, […]

Factsheet Wetlands and Climate Change Adaptation

Overview of our activities on climate change adaptation. Wetlands International has a long standing history in investigating the role of wetlands in relation to water […]


Firefighting in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

This video describes the work of local community-based firefighters who through their dangerous work prevent peat fires that have international consequences. The fire brigades are […]


Poverty Reduction in Central Kalimantan

This video shows how the Central Kalimantan Peatlands Project (CKPP) fights poverty in Indonesia’s peat swamp forests. For more information go to


Hydrological Restoration in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

This video shows how the Central Kalimantan Peatland Project (CKPP) improves the hydrology in areas in Kalimantan’s peat swamp forests of Indonesia and thereby prevents […]