Policy paper for the UN-FCCC meeting in Accra, August 2008

In this paper, Wetlands International presents its agenda for the new climate treaty that is being discussed in Accra, Ghana (August 2008). The paper focuses […]


Question and Answer factbook on peatlands

This booklet provides you with a all the most recent facts and figures about peatlands, with a focus on tropical peatlands. Subjects that are explained […]


Advise to the Contracting Parties of CBD COP 9

This paper presents our views on the issues on the agenda of the Convention of Biological Diversity, COP 9, in Bonn, May 2008. Wetlands International […]


Submission to the UN-FCCC on wetlands and climate change

This is the submission of Wetlands International to the “Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Cooperative Action under the Convention”; the working group working on […]


Peatland Alert: peatland loss fuels climate change

Short movie in which NGO Wetlands International alerts that the destruction of the world’s peatlands leads to huge CO2 emissions and that it is therefore […]


Handbook for local policy makers in Kalimantan’s peatlands

Handbook in Bahassa Indonesia for policy makers about the problems connected to peatland drainage and the solutions of the Central Kalimantan Peatland Project.


Poster: Central Kalimantan Peatland Project

Poster about peatland restoration in Central Kalimantan, explaining the Central Kalimantan Peatland Project to people in the area (in Indonesian).


Cartoon – Peatland degradation, a burning issue

Cartoon depiction of Wetlands International’s concerns on the degradation of tropical peatlands and the importance of UNFCCC in tackling this issue.


Peatland degradation fuels climate change

In this article we publisch the findings of the Peat-CO2 study of Delft Hydraulics, Wetlands International and Alterra for the 12th UN-FCCC summit, Nairobi 2006. […]


Peat CO2

This report presents shocking figures on CO2 emissions from drained peatland areas. These areas were once swamp forests. Due to extensive drainage for logging, palm oil plantations […]