Act now on wetlands for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030)

All major global policy agreements conclude: wetlands are vital ecosystems in the landscape and are indispensable to achieve a sustainable and secure world. This policy […]


Partnering for Sustainable Business

Companies impact wetlands, but they also have the power to trigger positive change on a scale that Wetlands International can never reach alone. This brochure outlines […]


NGO letter to pulp and paper giant APRIL on peat management in the Kampar peninsula

A group of local and international NGOs have send a letter to the pulp-for-paper giant APRIL regarding the management of its concessions on tropical peatlands […]

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Towards sustainable palm oil

Approximately 90% of world palm oil production takes place in Indonesia and Malaysia. Of these plantations around 20% is grown on peat soils, which used […]

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Wetlands and biofuels

Biofuels are liquid transportation fuels produced from crops as alternatives to petroleum-based gasoline and diesel. Biofuels demand and production is exploding globally, driven by government […]


Recommendations for key players in the soy production chain

A set of recommendations for producing countries, consuming countries, and producers – all of whom have an important role to play in minimising the impact […]

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Soy and wetlands

Soy is one of the most important agricultural commodities in the world, used mainly for animal feed fulfilling the meat demands in the world (70%), […]

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Greening the pulp and paper industry

The pulp and paper industry is booming in Southeast Asia. The pulp wood plantations, primarily Acacia crassicarpa, are often grown on carbon rich and biodiversity […]

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Fragile Arctic wetlands: reducing the impact of the oil and gas sector

The wetlands in the Arctic region are rich in biodiversity, and form one of the richest waterbird habitats and nesting areas in the world. They […]

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Restoring the abundance of Senegal’s Ndiael Special Reserve for people and nature

The Ndiael Reserve in Senegal is an oasis of desert wetlands that is internationally recognised for its outstanding nature. Like the birds and the fish […]