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Coasts and Deltas – Reduced Climate Risks

By 2030, we aim to mainstream Building with Nature and promote blue carbon solutions, influencing €10 billion of investments in coastal infrastructure solutions. In degraded […]


Coasts and Deltas – Resilient Communities

By 2030, we aim to integrate wetlands into 8 million hectares of coastal production systems. To integrate wetland values in the coastal economy, we need […]


Coasts and Deltas – Healthy Wetlands

By 2030, we aim to safeguard 10 million hectares of high value river and lake wetlands, focusing in 5 basins. To safeguard and restore the […]


Building with Nature to stop erosion in Java nominated for Dutch engineering prize

Our ‘Building with Nature project to stop coastal erosion in North Java’ is nominated for the Dutch annual prize called ‘De Vernufteling’, which is awarded […]


Building with Nature in Northern Java, taking it step by step

“She must be really good at writing” the villagers are whispering behind my back. I am sitting on a small bamboo platform, used for fishing, […]


Are these trends on your horizon yet?

How to stay posted about the emerging trends for ecosystems and biological diversity that are currently on the margins of mainstream discussion? A group of […]

Case study

Strengthening coastal resilience for communities in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

The province of Nusa Tenggara Timur in Indonesia is dry and covered by mountains and volcanoes. It is known for its extreme weather conditions. Here […]

Case study

Kenya’s Tana Delta: maintaining biodiversity for people and ecosystems

The Tana River Delta in Kenya is one of the largest and most significant coastal delta ecosystems in Eastern Africa. In order to protect the […]

Case study

The Parana Delta in Argentina: maintaining wetlands and traditional livelihoods

The diverse wetlands of the Parana Delta lie in the La Plata Basin in Argentina. They are under great pressure from the extraction of natural […]