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Dutch wetlands inspire Indonesian coastal managers

Indonesia plans to restore the eroding areas of its coastline in Java and Bali with nature based approaches inspired on Dutch methods. Also other vulnerable […]


Spotlights on ‘Building with Nature’ by Netherlands and Indonesia

Yesterday, a week-long exchange visit about integrated coastal management by the government of Indonesia to the Netherlands was formally opened by Wim Kuijken, Deltacommissioner of […]


Indonesia visits Netherlands to explore solutions for flood problems in Java

A high-level delegation from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia (MMAF) will visit the Netherlands from 17 to 21 March to learn […]


The Role of Mangroves in Fisheries Enhancement

Some 210 million people live in low elevation areas within 10 km of mangroves and many of these directly benefit from mangrove-associated fisheries. Yet, these […]


Our Track Record on Safeguarding and Restoring Mangroves

This infographic compiles our track record of the past 30 years on safeguarding and restoring mangroves.


New hope for coastal resilience for the people of Timbul Sloko

It was an early Saturday morning in Timbul Sloko, at the North Coast of central Java, Indonesia, and not just any Saturday. It was a […]


Community Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment in the Context of Disaster Risk Reduction

This assessment of vulnerability level and capacity at the sites mentored by WIIP was designed to ascertain the characteristics and frequency of hazards faced by the […]


Kenya’s Tana River Delta Ramsar Site Launched

To celebrate World Wetlands Day 2014, Kenya’s Tana River Delta Ramsar Site was officially launched with a public celebration attended by over 500 people. Encompassing […]


Mangrove-mud coasts; a muddy story

In my previous blogs, we discussed that a healthy mangrove-mud coast is dynamic, and how these dynamics are controlled by the tide and the waves. […]