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Towards vibrant wetlands in the Mahanadi delta and Kosi-Gandak floodplains, Indian

The Mahanadi delta and Kosi-Gandak floodplains in India are not only home to dolphins and turtles, they are also home to more than 21 million […]

Case study

Saving the Wular Lake, Kashmir while fighting flood and drought risks downstream

Wular Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. Rapid degradation of Wular Lake has had an enormous impact on community health and […]


A world without wetlands is a world without water

1.2 billion people live in areas where water is physically scarce and 2.7 billion people – 40% of the world’s population – suffer water shortages […]


World Water Day interview with Wetlands International CEO Jane Madgwick


Partners for Resilience in India

This film shows the achievements of the Partners for Resilience India program 2011 – 2015. Through a combination of improving the management of natural capital, […]


Rivers and Lakes – Reduced Climate Risks

By 2030, we aim that €500 million is committed to enable nature-based solutions in freshwater wetlands, for climate mitigation and adaptation. Climate change impacts in […]


Rivers and Lakes – Resilient Communities

By 2030, we aim to safeguard and restore 60 million hectares of wetlands as integral elements of productive river and lake landscapes. To enable stakeholders […]


Rivers and Lakes – Healthy Wetlands

By 2030, we aim to safeguard 10 million hectares of high value river and lake wetlands, focusing in 5 basins. To safeguard and restore the […]

Case study

Bringing back Uganda’s Rwambu Wetland

In the not so distant past, the people of Rwambu, Uganda were up against a quickly shrinking water table, largely created by agricultural expansion and […]