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Why #WaterbirdsCount: February

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  • International Waterbird Census
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  • Wetland values, status and trends

As part of our campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Waterbird Census, we asked our partners to share their favourite images of wetlands and waterbirds. For February, Nicky Petkov kindly shared some of the fantastic pictures he has taken from his fieldwork in Bulgaria.

Nicky works for the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB). Bulgaria is blessed with a rich diversity of wetland areas, from the coast of the Black Sea to the banks of the Danube and the numerous inland lakes and marshes. These support a great diversity of life and livelihoods. From his extensive photo collection, Nicky has picked some of his favourite wetland areas and important (often threatened) wintering waterbirds in Bulgaria as the focus of this blog. You can find out much more about the work Nicky and his colleagues have done to protect these sites and species on the BSPB website¬†and don’t forget to check out our other blogs to find out why #waterbirdscount!