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Why water security is about healthy wetlands - A picture of delta by Andrea Ferrario Blog

Why water security is about healthy wetlands

Against a backdrop of devastating droughts worldwide, World Water Week is underway in Stockholm. The theme is Seeing the Unseen: The Value of Water. Let’s talk […]


Downstream from Davos, wetlands meeting focused on climate, biodiversity and youth

Whilst the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos dominated the news last week, government representatives from all over the world gathered elsewhere in Switzerland for […]


Building with Nature : Stories of Change

The Stories of Change are accounts from women and men aquaculture farmers on how the Bio-rights mechanism used in the Building with Nature Indonesia programme […]


Collective Action to Address Mangrove Degradation

The Sido Makmur community group from Betahwalang Village is a clear example of the importance of collective action to overcome problems such as mangrove degradation. […]


Healthier Mangroves, Improved Income

Mat Sairi, the head of the Barokah group in Timbulsloko Village, always remembers a message from the Building with Nature Indonesia programme: when we take […]


Protecting Mangroves Through Village Regulation

Residents of Wedung Village in Demak District now feel more confident about conserving mangroves in their community due to the adoption of a village regulation […]


Improved Standard of Living Due to Environmentally Friendly Aquaculture

Abdul Ghofur, an aquaculture farmer in Tambakbulusan Village in Demak District, feels that there have been many positive changes in his economic and family life […]


The Key Role of Women in Environmental and Mangrove Conservation

Prioritising the role of women in preserving the coastal and mangrove environments creates opportunities for accelerating sustainable development. This is shown through the experience of […]


Becoming a Leader Through Learning About Mangroves

Indah Purwanti, a female aquaculture farmer from Purworejo Village in Demak District, never thought that learning about environmentally friendly aquaculture and mangrove conservation from the […]