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Senior Lobby & Advocacy Consultant WASH & IWRM Watershed Programme


The International and The Netherlands Work packages
Watershed- empowering citizens is a strategic partnership designed to strengthen policy and advocacy capacity of civil society globally. Watershed focus on the linkages between Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). The programme is active in Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mali and Uganda, as well as a program component in The Netherlands and at international level. Watershed is a 5-year partnership of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IRC, Simavi, Wetlands International and Akvo. The long-term objective of Watershed, is improved governance for WASH and IWRM so that all citizens, including the most marginalised, can benefit from sustainable services. The immediate goal is to enhance citizens’ ability to obtain information so that civil society organisations (CSOs) can advocate for change based on reliable, accurate data. Watershed is currently implementing its fourth year of implementation. For 2019, the consortium and local CSOs have identified three concrete priority areas for capacity development in 2019 in all country programs, namely:

Documenting the impact of capacity building of CSOs on the ground and the effects on people’s lives. Understanding and documenting WASH and IWRM and bringing evidence on the main challenges to the table to monitor progress in government target and propose solutions for IWRM and WASH integration

The need to move from technical to practical solutions at local level by bringing stakeholders together to come up with easier and more practical solutions to the technical WASH and IWRM finance and integration issues at local level.

Linking successes at local level with national level, regional and international platforms by aligning successes on the ground to be heard in national, regional and international platforms and inspire other organisations . In the light of the Leave No One Behind theme for World Water Day 2019 and the High Level Political Forum and Stockholm World Water Week in 2019, Watershed will give a voice to the good practices and impacts emerging from Watershed countries.

International Programme
The recent developments in the WASH sector globally are best illustrated by the main outcomes of the recent review of  Sustainable Development Goal 6 at the UN High Level Meeting in New York. Two important documents that informed the SDG 6 review are the UN Water synthesis report on SDG 6 (July 2018) and the Outcome report of the High Level Panel on Water (HLPW) “Making Every Drop Count” ( March 2018). Both reports coincide in highlighting that the world is not on track in achieving SDG 6 by 2030, and both reports call for concerted efforts to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

The thematic review of  SDG 6 during the High Level Political Forum highlighted that:

  • Billions of people lack safe water, sanitation and handwashing facilities.
  • Ecosystems and water sources are becoming more polluted.
  • Funding for water and sanitation services is inadequate.
  • Governance and delivery systems are weak and fragmented.

The recommendations from the Watershed SDG 6 review emphasize the need to create multi-stakeholder partnerships, strengthen regional integration, increase the focus on all of SDG 6 including IWRM.  In addition, the recommendations include enhanced attention to the elimination of inequalities, a new paradigm for financing the water sector and strengthening the importance of public participation in decision making in the water and sanitation sectors.

The main challenge for 2019 is to maintain momentum and consolidate the collaboration of the global and regional networks in a long term commitment to a coalition of civil society organisations that bundles the capacities of the CSOs with the long term support of influential organisations. Watershed will continue working with the CSO network organisations EWP, Coalition Eau, ANEW, FANSA, and more and will deploy its network of influential organisations: 1) in developing and implementing a joint overarching multi-annual work plan that includes the main global and regional CSO networks; 2) in ensuring the financial sustainability of the coalition of CSO networks; 3) to develop, in the context of the existing bilateral MoUs with each of the CSO networks (EWP, CE, FANSA and ANEW), and jointly implement annual region specific bilateral work plans.

In 2019, Watershed and the coalition of CSO networks will prioritise the SWA HLM, the HLPF 2019, Stockholm Water Week and regional events such as AfricaSan for CSO presence and advocacy activities. To ensure effective CSO participation in these events, Watershed will assist EWP, Coalition Eau and the regional CSOs to provide support to national CSOs in:

  1. following up the results of the country study on accountability mechanisms for SDG 6;
  2. following up the results of the HLFP 2018, Sacosan and the Africa Water Week;
  3. engaging with the national governments and other SWA partners in preparations for countries’ participation at the SWA HLM; and
  4. engaging with the national governments in the preparations of the Voluntary National Reviews for the HLPF 2019.

By the end of 2019, we expect CSO networks to act collectively and send united messages to international and regional targets. Regional and global networks of CSOs will increase their bargaining power by associating with allies, and global/regional CSO networks will ask for space in global and regional influencing platforms.

Within the International work, Wetlands International role is to lead the thematic area on the adoption of integrated approaches for WASH and water security. It will develop capacity and L&A activities in this area to underpin Watershed’s international agenda.  Wetlands International will bring to the table its network of organisations in water resources management and its network in the broader area of natural resources and water management. This network complements IRC’s mainly WASH oriented network. Simavi will support the implementation of communication activities, particularly when related to the link between WASH and water security and social inclusion. IRC and Wetlands have a clear niche in the implementation of the Watershed programme in terms of content. Both have a strong reputation and track record as think and do tanks in the areas of sector finance and WASH and IWRM. In 2019, the International WP is expected to benefit more from Simavi’s network and track record in Human Rights to Water and Sanitation and social inclusion.

The Netherlands Programme
In the Netherlands, Watershed will continue to work on two main issues:

  1. Ensuring that there are proper linkages between WASH and IWRM in the policies and programmes of both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water (MI&W).
  2. Ensuring that MFA’s WASH budget is in line with its ambitions as articulated in the WASH 2016-2030 strategy.

This will be done by focusing on the following:  issues along the main pathways of the main lobby activities are:

  • to ensure that the MFA develops its IWRM strategy and corresponding indicators, as was promised in its response to IOB (Directorate International Policy Research and Evaluation) evaluation.
  • advise the MFA and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (MIE) on the importance of linking WASH and IWRM, and advise on integrating the two into Dutch water policies.
  • Engage in dialogue and lobbying with MFA to promote the development and application of a proper programming framework and corresponding Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) as a follow-up to adapting their results framework. A framework like this would then indicate which targets can be reached where and through which programmes. This can help the MFA in developing programmes that in their totality should help reach their targets. The MTEF provides an analysis of the budgets that are needed and that can be expected to carry out these programmes.
  • Engage in further discussion and lobbying with MFA to ensure the recommendation presented in the position paper on socially inclusive WASH programming will foster inclusive and gender responsive target setting in the WASH programmes.

The major Theory of Change outcomes which the Netherlands programme will be focusing on are:

  • The Water Envoy promotes sustainable WASH governance (integrating WASH & IWRM) as part of his urban delta approach.
  • MFA develops a new IWRM strategy (new outcomes 4.8 and 4.9). MFA develops a programming framework and corresponding MTEF.
  • The WASH strategy is supported by a financial chapter that is used by the MFA for budget requests, target setting and leverage of additional funding.
  • Improved policy on social inclusion: MFA sets targets for long, medium and short term for the number of people to be reached, with breakdowns per year and for reaching marginalised groups)

The International & NL WASH-IWRM Integration Senior Lobby and Advocacy Consultant

Role and responsibilities

  • Represent Wetlands International in the Watershed International and The Netherlands Work Packages
  • Lead implementation and further development of Watershed Wetlands International´s strategy for the second half of 2019 and the planning for goals in 2020 together in cooperation with the Watershed partners and country leads (most notably those where WI leads: Mali and India)
  • Represent and integrate Wetlands International’s International Lobby and Advocacy planning into the joint planning with Watershed partners
  • Coordinate and implement Wetlands International’s International Lobby and Advocacy goals in the International and The Netherlands work packages together with colleagues and Watershed partners in country as needed
  • Support and advise the Wetlands International network in the country work packages on the development of their Lobby and Advocacy strategy
  • Support and advise the Wetlands International Global Office and Network on capacity development of southern organisations to carry out strategic lobby and advocacy
  • Responsible of reporting to the project manager in work planning, key results and outcomes and other relevant issues as inputs to annual reporting process to workpackage leads (IRC and Simavi) and the donor
  • Coordinate strategic communications in line with agreed principles and activities under the Watershed communication strategy
  • Together with technical staff, the L&A senior officer will play an active role in networking, lobbying and representing Wetlands International in bringing up relevant policy issues at events, conventions and media opportunities. S/he will be able to integrate communication tools and channels in her/his work.

Key deliverables 2019

  • Implement and revise the 2019-2020 workplan and strategy of Wetlands International within Watershed’s International and the Netherlands lobby and advocacy work
    • Lead a the drafting of a Position paper on IWRM with a focus on WASH – IWRM alignment and prepare accompanying lobby strategy and a blog
    • Advocate with MFA to organise a consultative process with NGOs and other key stakeholders to revise its IWRM strategy
    • Finalize a position paper and other relevant lobby and advocacy instruments, and advocate for the importance of WASH governance and WASH – IWRM alignment in Urban Delta Approach and IWA.
    • Coordinate and lead the advocacy with relevant stakeholders on WASH – IWRM governance in the Urban Delta Approach and the International Water Ambition, IOB evaluation, private and other sectors.
    • Lead and organize webinars WASH – IWRM and Water Security integration for relevant international network CSOs
    • Organise knowledge exchange (e.g. virtual field visits to Watershed field areas) to discuss good practices and lessons learned in the integration regarding IWRM and WASH integration in Watershed, and document these in a report. Coordinate together with Watershed partners as needed.


  • Total approx. days needed for the work: 40 days
  • Timeframe of the work: 6 months, between 1st of August (or earlier if possible) 2019 and 1st of February 2020

Who do we need?

We are looking for a consultant with the following competencies and experience:

  • Thorough knowledge of WASH and IRWM issues, challenges and opportunities particularly in the context of the Netherlands and International policy processes and agendas
  • Experience with similar type of work and affinity with Watershed Programme objectives and end goal
  • Excellent networking and facilitating skills. Influencer. Enthusiastic.
  • Experience with communications and advocacy related activities
  • Ability to work independently and lead the process towards
  • Fluency in English and Dutch
  • Based in the Netherlands
  • Willingness to work approx. 1.5 or 2 days a week for at least a period of 6 months working closely with the Watershed teams and partners

How to apply

To apply for the post, please send an application email with “Senior Consultant Watershed” as the subject to [email protected] with the below two documents in English:

  • a letter of application (no more than 2 pages) stating your motivation for this position and your demonstrated skills and experience for this post,
  • your resume /CV (no more than 3 pages, without photos).

Deadline for the application is 30 July 2019, but interesting candidates can be approached before the closing date.


Technical Officer

The overall purpose of the job

Being part of the Project Support Team, the Technical Officer is responsible for the day-to-day technical, organizational and administrative support to the development and implementation of a subset of projects and programmes within the Wetlands International portfolio.

Responsibilities and tasks

  1. Overall Project support and coordination:
  • Provides technical assistance to project implementation, including by supporting the development of reports, scientific publications and communications materials, analyzing data, performing literature reviews and providing technical advice to members of the Wetlands International network and external stakeholders;
  • Assists project and programme management, including by supporting the development of financial and technical reports, maintaining oversight on project progress and expenditures, performing budget revisions and by facilitating monitoring and evaluation;
  • Independently leads small projects as appropriate, including contracting, internal coordination, reporting and donor liaison;
  • Leads on the preparation of meetings / workshops, takes care of the logistics around it, takes minutes if necessary and monitors the follow up of agreements;
  • Assists in the development of project proposals.

Result(s): Projects have been implemented, a quality project support is provided and projects are on time and fully realized; proposal developed as per donor criteria and timelines.

  1. Contact maintenance and communications:
  • Is a point of contact for staff within the Wetlands International network and project partners, proactively providing information related to project formalisation, implementation and closure and timely responding to queries;
  • Assists communication to external stakeholders including through proactive outreach and by timely responding to queries;
  • Represents Wetlands international in various internal and external meetings as appropriate.

Result(s): Contacts are maintained, so that internal and external stakeholders in projects are timely and accurately informed.

  1. Other:
  • Identifies opportunities for further professionalization of project implementation
  • Identifies opportunities for resources and project development
  • Contributes to the transfer of knowledge and experience within the organization

Working relations

INSIDE Wetlands International:

WI staff in the Global Office in Ede, including project and programme manager(s); staff in the network offices.

OUTSIDE Wetlands International:

Partner organisations, Dutch government, funding organisations.


The successful candidate is an ambitious, creative, independent academic thinker, with a passion for environmental conservation and sustainable development. She/he has experience working in a project driven organization, and as an effective team player is able to coordinate project activities amongst multi-disciplinary teams involving multiple partner organizations. Beyond contributing technically to successful completion of project deliverables the successful candidate is able to coordinate project planning procedures, signal risks and report, monitor and evaluate progress made. She/he will also have experience of general administrative and logistical management.

Essential education and experience

  • Minimum MSc qualification in a relevant scientific discipline (e.g. biology, geography, environmental science/management)
  • 3-5 years of experience in a major programme/project management support, preferably in technical/scientific institutional context, with experience in community-based initiatives.
  • Experience in performing (qualitative and quantitative) research and in formulating clear and well-documented reports

Core competencies

  • Well-developed computer skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and in particular excellent written English
  • Result (and quality) oriented;
  • Consistently delivers work of a high standard of quality, precision and according to standards, procedures, rules, regulations and expectations.
  • Fosters teamwork
  • Consistently meets established expectations
  • Applies planning principles to achieve work goals

Other Aspects

  • Interest in working an international multi-cultural community
  • Active interest in current environment and development matters
  • Willing and able to travel internationally

Job Offer

  • Full-time job, 36 hours per week (It’s 36 hours per week for a full-time job in Wetlands International).
  • Salary Euro 2.600 – Euro 3.500 based on a fulltime contract.
  • Contract duration: One year.
  • Location: Head Office in Ede- Wageningen, The Netherlands.
  • Start date: a.s.a.p.

How to apply

To apply for the post, please send an application email with “Technical Officeras the subject to [email protected] with the below two documents in English:

  • a letter of application (no more than 2 pages) stating your motivation for this position and your demonstrated skills and experience for this post,
  • your resume /CV (no more than 3 pages, without photos).

Deadline for the application is 8 August 2019, but interesting candidates can be approached before the closing date.


Executive Assistant

The overall purpose of the job

The Executive Assistant – Management Team (MT) is a key person who supports the Global Office MT (3 staff), the Network-wide MT (~10 staff), and the Wetlands International Supervisory Council, acting as the primary contact for these groups internally and towards external parties. The Executive Assistant (EA) also provides daily support to the CEO of the Global Office who is the Chair of both management teams, lead spokesperson and figurehead for the global organization.

Responsibilities and tasks

MT Support

  • Plan, set-up and administer MT and Supervisory Council meetings
  • Manage the conflicting calendar priorities of MT members
  • Take minutes, prepare and monitor action list, and proactively follow up with all parties as appropriate to ensure timely completion
  • Act as the first contact person for the MT, manage their calendars and (as required) electronic correspondence, prepare relevant correspondence or respond on their behalf if required
  • Reference to being CEO and MT connect to HoO


  • Participate in key meetings and prepare documents
  • Organize meetings (Annual meeting Global Board, Supervisory Council, Board of Associations, etc.), arrange logistics, prepare documents, taking minutes, hosting

Events and Travel

  • Oversee/ support arrangements for travel, meetings and field visit; share information about the logistics, whereabouts, local circumstances, etc. for the CEO
  • Coordinate MT members travel logistics (visa, flight, accommodations)


  • Organize the MT workspace (and other related sites) on SharePoint
  • Ensure the administration relating to Office legal documents (GNPA, HoO agreement, registration documents, name certificates), and provide assistance in the registration of new offices, registration brand name
  • Manage the members database and admin/communications


  • Carry out any other reasonable duties consistent with the aims and objectives of the position

Working relations

INSIDE Wetlands International:

  • Global Office and Network Management Teams, Supervisory Council, Board of Association, Members of the Association, Heads of Offices; Office Managers, Global Office staff.

OUTSIDE Wetlands International:

  • Management Team contacts and business partners. Council members and wider networks of Wetlands International


The ideal candidate is a service-orientated, reliable professional, who enjoys juggling multiple tasks at the same time under time pressure. (S)he will be an experienced executive secretary or personal assistant with a preference for working in a dynamic, international office and have affinity with the mission and work of Wetlands International. S/he will have effective personal communication skills and be good at managing relations with people at all levels. The jobholder is the ‘linking pin’ between CEO, and the Supervisory Council, Head of Offices and the Board of Association.

Essential skills and experience

  • 6 or more years’ experience as personal assistant to a senior executive
  • fluent spoken and written Dutch and English
  • interest and ability to comprehend and communicate on the organisation’s work on environment and development
  • excellent written and oral communications including with international relations
  • excellent judgment on how to handle (sensitive) relations and matters arising
  • excellent organisational and time management skills
  • competency in use of key computer programmes, office systems (excellent in use of Excel and Word)
  • experience of working in a multi-cultural office community
  • flexibility, including in working hours

Preferred skills and experience

  • additional language skills, preferably French (is a plus)
  • experience of working in an NGO
  • active interest in environment and development issues
  • experience of working with an organisation with multiple offices
  • flexibility, including in working hours
  • international experience or working experience in developing countries

Job Offer

  • Part-time/ Full-time job, 32-36 hours per week, 5 days a week (It’s 36 hours per week for a full-time job in Wetlands International).
  • Salary Euro 2.500 – Euro 3.500 based on a fulltime contract.
  • Contract duration: 1-year contract with intention of extension.
  • Location: Head Office in Ede- Wageningen, The Netherlands.
  • Start date: a.s.a.p.

How to apply

To apply for the post, please send an application email with “Executive Assistant” as the subject to [email protected] with the below two documents in English:

  • a letter of application (no more than 2 pages) stating your motivation for this position and your demonstrated skills and experience for this post,
  • your resume /CV (no more than 3 pages, without photos).

Deadline for the application is 8 August 2019, but interesting candidates can be approached before the closing date.



Volunteer – supporting the Learning, INnovation, and Knowledge (LINK) team


In general, the Volunteer will support our waterbird data management and analysis activities. His/her specific responsibilities will include tasks such as:

  • Correcting site locations and classifications of International Waterbird Census sites;
  • Improving and defining waterbird population delineations;
  • Performing analyses in GIS software and/or R;
  • Helping to keep databases up-to-date;
  • Other relevant tasks as available.

The following skills, qualifications and experience are essential:

  • Good command of English, both written and spoken
  • Full computer literacy skills
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision and as part of a team
  • Ability for multi-tasking and being flexible

The following skills and experience will be an advantage:

  • Experience working with relevant software and programming languages;
  • Ornithological knowledge;
  • Good attention to detail and accuracy;
  • Experience or willingness to work in in a multi-cultural environment.

Interested? Send your CV plus motivation letter to: [email protected]


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