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Why #WaterbirdsCount: July

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  • Coastal wetland conservation
  • International Waterbird Census
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As part of our campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Waterbird Census, we invited our partners to share their favourite images of wetlands and waterbirds. In India, each state has a coordinator for the regional programme of the IWC, the Asian Waterbird Census. This month coordinators and their local networks from the coastal states share photos and stories as we prepare for an extended survey of the entire Indian Ocean coast in 2017.

India’s 7,000 km of coasts are diverse and spectacular, with sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, coral reefs, mudflats, marshes, and mangroves offering an array of habitats for all kinds of wildlife and supporting millions of people. Waterbirds live here throughout the year, but India’s coasts are especially important during the northern winter months when nearly a hundred species complete their migration to these coasts. In 2017, Indian state coordinators and their networks together with our South Asia office and the Bombay Natural History Society will lead a special effort to survey as much of the Indian coast as possible during the January Asian Waterbird Census. They will be joined by counters in many other countries around the Indian Ocean, aiming to identify important coastal wetlands, learn more about the waterbirds using them and the threats they face.

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