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Why #WaterbirdsCount: June

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  • International Waterbird Census
  • Species
  • Wetland values, status and trends

As part of our campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Waterbird Census, we asked our partners to share their favourite images of wetlands and waterbirds. This month La Asociación Calidris shares photos and stories about their work in Colombia.

Colombia is a land of ‘mega’ diversity, home to 10% of the world’s species and top of the charts for bird species diversity, with over 3 times the number of bird species found in the whole of Europe. The wetlands of Colombia are also an important link in the American flyways chain, hosting wintering waterbirds from North America as well as native migratory and resident species from Central and South America. With the Neotropical Waterbird Census due to start in a few weeks’ time, we take a closer look at the work of our national coordinating partner La Asociación Calidris and their work in this incredible country.