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Building momentum with a further €1.5 million from Dutch National Postcode Lottery

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Wetlands International has been awarded a €1.5 million grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery. The funding extends the Dutch National Postcode Lottery’s support by another three years (2021-2023).  

It enables Wetlands International to build on momentum from its first grant from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery in 2018 and to step up its work to inspire and mobilise society, and as part of global partnerships, to revive wetlands as a basis for green recovery and a prosperous, healthy society. 

“We wish to thank the Dutch National Postcode Lottery for its generous contribution, and of course, all those who play the lottery. With their support we can accelerate our urgent and vital work to bring wetlands back into a healthier condition, benefiting people and nature in all regions of the world, said Jane Madgwick, CEO, Wetlands International. 

At the heart of our vision is to work with partners to stimulate and enable whole landscape recovery including the regeneration of vital wetlands like mangroves, peatlands and freshwaters.  This is because it is urgent to mobilise efforts to recover wetlands on a big scale – to reduce risks of floods and droughts and secure productive lands, as well as to safeguard biodiversity and slow climate change.  Wetlands International has extensive knowledge and experience on wetland recovery in all regions and some very promising results – and with this additional support it will be possible to bring this to the fore, work with more partners, build momentum and enable others to act.   

About the National Postcode Lottery
The National Postcode Lottery is the largest charity in the Netherlands, supported by 2.9 million people who play every month. The Lottery donates fifty percent of the proceeds to over 100 charities workingon behalf of people and nature. 

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