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Consultancy – Standardised Biodiversity Monitoring Framework

We are looking for experienced consultants to develop a standardised biodiversity monitoring framework. This work will be done under the Source to Sea initiative, which aims to address the drivers to the loss of wetlands and their biodiversity in Eastern Africa by putting in place enabling conditions for integrated wetland management solutions at landscape and ecoregional levels. The consultancy will be done in collaboration with Wetlands International and the stakeholders in our landscape partnerships, who will be the ones eventually implementing the biodiversity monitoring framework in the field.

Eastern Africa’s inland and coastal wetlands are under threat, through an increase in natural resource exploitation, population growth and large-scale economic and infrastructural developments. However, it is difficult to quantify the loss of biodiversity within the landscapes in which we work, since there is no standardised way in which biodiversity is monitored. Therefore, we propose to work on a standardised biodiversity monitoring framework that can be applied to the different landscapes in which we work (as well as to others) in order to properly assess the current state of biodiversity and compare it to historical values.

The objective of this consultancy is to establish a biodiversity monitoring framework for the Source to Sea ecoregions in East Africa that enables long-term tracking of specific wetland biodiversity values and threats across these ecoregions in Eastern Africa and in the project landscapes specifically. The development of the framework and the implementation of it should contribute to the identification and filling of knowledge gaps. While the monitoring should be applicable in the Source to Sea ecoregions, the approach chosen to develop this should be applicable more widely within Wetlands International (& beyond) and capacity on how to develop this should be built in Wetlands International by involving relevant staff at all stages.

Interested? Please click the file below to access the terms of reference. Applications can be sent before the 10th of July to [email protected] and CC: [email protected]; [email protected] with ‘Standardised Biodiversity Monitoring Framework’ in the title of the message.

ToR consultancy Standardised Biodiversity Monitoring Framework