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Decades of Change with Global Mangrove Watch

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  • Coastal resilience
  • Coastal wetland conservation

The Global Mangrove Watch was the key source of data used by the UNEP-WCMC for their special reportDecades of Mangrove Forest Change: What does it mean for nature, people and the climate?, exploring changes in mangrove cover to highlight the urgent need to better understand our “blue ecosystems”.

These blue ecosystems, which include mangroves, are threatened by rising temperatures, pollution, over-exploitation and coastal development, yet they provide water, food and livelihoods to millions of people while helping to reduce the magnitude and impacts of climate change.

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The Global Mangrove Watch (GMW) is the most complete and up-to-date global mangroves map worldwide. The online platform gives universal access to remote sensing data and tools  to catalyse action to protect and restore mangroves. It is free and easy to use tool, providing policy makers, mangrove practitioners and investors near real-time information on mangrove coverage, values and threats for every country in the world. Global Mangrove Watch is a scientific collaboration with Wetlands International, Aberystwyth University, soloEO, TNC, JAXA, NASA and a host of partners. 

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