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Accelerating Adaptation through Building with Nature: convening global leaders around an Asian challenge

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This event will convene public and private leaders to shape a commitment to accelerate adaptation through Building with Nature in Asia. In expert roundtables we will identify priority locations as well as barriers and enablers to inform and substantiate the commitment. The Building with Nature Indonesia programme will be discussed – alongside other Asian examples – as a tangible case that has achieved up-scaling in a short timeframe.

Building with Nature represents a paradigm shift from minimising negative impacts to maximising positive impacts for society and nature. In many vulnerable settings it is the only possible way forward. Since 2012, the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries has taken leadership in addressing degradation exacerbated by climate risks through Building with Nature. What started as a small experiment in one village has grown into a large scale initiative along a 20 km eroding coast in Central Java, now inspiring potential spin-off in Semarang city and harbour facilitated by the Water as Leverage process.

Through a built-in mainstreaming component, the programme has already led to replication in 12 districts in Indonesia, and to growing support for further up-scaling and application in different settings. Examples from across the globe demonstrate that the approach is viable, yet uptake at scale is still slow. With country actors we will identify potential project cases and reflect on barriers and enablers in science, policy, finance and practice that need to be addressed.

Through this event we aim to mobilise public and private leaders to shape a commitment to accelerate adaptation in Asia through Building with Nature.


Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries (MMAF), Wetlands International, Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) and Ecoshape with partners

Participants (upon personal invitation)

  • Leading countries: Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, China, India, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands
  • Finance: Asian Development Bank, World Bank, FMO, Actiam
  • Private actors: water engineering companies, USACE, CEDA, Port of Rotterdam International
  • Science: TU Delft, WUR, NUS, UNDIP
  • Initiatives such as Water as Leverage, 100 Resilient Cities

To know more about the event download the event flyer:

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Proceedings of Building with Nature Asia events 2019:

  • Expert workshop and High Level event, 9-11 July 2019, Delft and Rotterdam
  • Announcement of the Shared Ambition, 22 September 2019, New York Climate Action Summit
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Reporting findings of Building with Nature expert workshop and writing session, 10 and 11 July 2019, The Netherlands

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