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World Water Forum 2022

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Date: 21/03/2022 – 26/03/2022
Venue: In-person event, by registration

Wetlands: a Vital Artery for a Secure Sahel

Wetlands play an important role in water security, community resilience, climate risk reduction, and human security. African governments are committed to their safeguard through national and international plans and policies such as the Great Green Wall and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. Blue Lifelines in the Secure Sahel is a long-term, transformative initiative that aims to restore wetlands to improve security and build resilience in rural communities. The initiative is supported by a growing consortium of international and African partners. The main question for the session is: How are the key actors aiming to strengthen the safeguarding and restoration of wetlands in order to benefit more from all its constructive roles in a context increasingly affected by climate change?

Wednesday, 23rd March 2022

Special Session : A Vital Artery for Peace and Security in the Sahel.
Time: 09:00 -10:30 GMT (EAT= GMT+3)
Room 205 CICADSummary: As climate change intensifies, rapidly declining wetland ecosystems continue to face even more pressure. The event will engage panelists from different levels to discuss how wetland restoration contributes to making Sahelian communities more secure and resilient to climate change and conflict. Panelists will discuss what is already happening, the barriers they face, and the opportunities they see in adding value to existing climate change adaptation, land degradation, and broader development initiatives in the region.

Co-conveners: International Alert | International Water Management Institute | CARE Nederland | United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Wednesday, 23rd March 2022

Networking Event : A Vital Artery for Peace and Security in the Sahel
Time: 17:15 PM onwards GMT (EAT= GMT+3)
Nature HubSummary: Following our session, we are holding a social segment to share experiences and lessons learned, and further explore priorities and plans for investment as well as possible synergies.
If you are unable to join at 9:00am or 3:45 pm, we would still love for you to join us for a cocktail and informal chat then!

Demonstration Booth 

Date : Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd March 
Time: 14:00 to 18:00 GMT (EAT= GMT+3)
 Nature Hub
We are also hosting a dedicated demonstration booth at the Nature Hub from 14:00 to 18:00 GMT where a member of the consortium will be glad to hold discussions in more detail with you. 

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